Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Clever cat: Didga shows his perfect poise on the skateboard his owner has dubbed Ollie
Haaaa.. dengar tajuk pun menarik sangat kita nak membaca n melihat video kucen bijak ni kann..  kucen ni memang bijak sangatt.. So, kali ni mari kita baca kisah tentang Didga yang pandai main skateboard ni.. jom!

Skateboarding cat who lives life in the fast lane: Watch Didga's amazing array of tricks... including the moment he leaps a ROTTWEILER Owner has trained him to use motorised skateboard named Ollie Cat has become a sensation in Australian town of Coolongatta

If you’re going to have nine lives, you can be a little bit reckless with at least one of them. Didga the cat is living life in the fast lane on board his motorised skateboard Ollie. Stunning spectators, he cruised through the Australian coastal town of Coolongatta.

He then jumped off the board and onto fences and park benches before parading his skating skills. Didga launched himself on a passer-by, catching him unawares. He abandoned all fear as he leaped over a Rottweiler, landing coolly on his board before riding home. 

    Youtube user Craig Weaver commented on the viral video saying: 'He's pretty daring, tricking over a Rottweiler! (I still think he's a pussy though).' Cat trainer and YouTube user CatManToo captured this fearless feline and posted the video online.
Cool customer: Didga skates through the centre of his home town as passerby watch in astonishment
Gone cruising: Didga surveys his domain from the comfort of his motorised skateboard
Cheeky! The cat uses this Rottweiler as a jump before landing back on his board with ease
Audience: Some of Didga's admirers line up to watch him show off his skills on the street
The video has received over 307,000 hits since going live. CatManToo said the entire filming and editing process took nearly a year and a half to complete.Most viewers didn’t mind that the video was edited and instead praised CatManToo for training his cat in the art of extreme skateboarding.The mind-blowing video has astounded people globally.Youtube User, Mr.Flip the Cat, called it 'simply pawesome!'
Giant leap for catkind: Didga shows off his co-ordination as he jumps on top of a bench 
as the side of the street...
... and then lands back on his board with graceful ease

Video Didga yang Awesome sedang bermain skateboard.. He2.. kucen pun pandai main skateboard yea.. bijakkk.. bijakk Didga ni.. Kalau camni, nak train Oyen n Butang camni leh tak..
Haaa.. buat Blogger Zack Hoya (ZH) amacam? leh challenge Didga tak?? heh3..

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  1. pandai tuan kucing tu didik pet mereka ..
    kt sini, dalam Pet Show kt Mid Valley, kucing tk ada pertunjukan kebijaksanaan tp klu anjing ada lah depa buat petunjukan kebijaksanaan mcm kt atas tu

  2. Powernya. Nak belajar dengan kucing ni la main skateboard. Hehehehe...

    ZH Blogger

  3. Hye, saya suka baca blog awak, baru2 ni saya baru blog harap awk boleh singgah dan follow blog saya. :)


Hai.. cat lover! meh lea komen kat sini.. kucen2 teman happy sgt kalau korang komen kat sini.. depa ckp.. thank you yu all yg encem, cute,lawo,cun,ganteng! he3..